Next Show 29.01.16 Leipzig

Our first concert in 2016 will take place at the notorious „Bermudadreieck“ in Leipzig.
Thanks to „Dividing Lines“ for inviting us to their show. So then: into the dark…

Next Show 30.12.15 Eisenberg

After a break that felt much too long we‘re playing our next show.
And what a surprise: It’s going to be last one this year…
Fortunately this will happen in Eisenberg – one of our favourite spots on the map!

So let’s leave this annoying thing called Christmas behind us and do something that matters.
See You there…

July Tour 2015

So we‘re back from our short tour:

…four days, four shows, we had a great time on the road…

…thanks to the people of AK44 Gießen, Kafe Marat, Danz and Conne Island for giving us a warm welcome, taking care of us and let us play our music…you are awesome!

…thanks to Lost Girls, Midnight Crisis, Levitations and Sick Times for sharing the stage with us…you rock!

…and special thanks, hugs and kisses to our friends Gloom Sleeper for being not just great tour mates but being first and foremost the nicest people you can imagine…you are the best!

Now we‘re heading forward to a recording session in august
…creating one of these mysterious pieces of „black gold“ ;)

Show in Jena cancelled

To our regret, we had to cancel the show with Sonny Vincent in Jena today. Due to sickness we won‘t be able to play. You‘ll hear from us soon.

All the best – Static Means

Next Show 25.06.15 Jena

Static Means meets the ’77-Punk institution Sonny Vincent!