Next Show 09.04.16 Plauen

The „Schuldenberg“ in Plauen celebrates his 22th anniversary. Congratulations!!
We‘ re gonna play on Saturday…

see you there

Next Show 19.03.16 Chemnitz

Tonight in Chemnitz…

…with „Fliehende Stürme“!!!

Record-Releaseshow 11.03.16

We are proud to announce our releaseshow next Friday.
Postford“ and „Repeaters“ will share the stage with us and, what is more, Repeaters gonna play their last concert!
Lastly „Hurz!“ (new wave/postpunk) and „Sachzwänge“ (punk/hc) will provide the night entertainment…

See you there!

New release!

Our first vinyl-release is coming closer.
You can listen to the new songs on bandcamp already.

The whole vinyl stuff will be available in march – at our releaseshow in the atari (yeah, home sweet home)
Stay tuned for further informations…


Next Show 29.01.16 Leipzig

Our first concert in 2016 will take place at the notorious „Bermudadreieck“ in Leipzig.
Thanks to „Dividing Lines“ for inviting us to their show. So then: into the dark…