URRF- Soli 21.10.16

dear friends,
to support the urrf (independent refugee-legal aid-fund) we gonna have a party at the wh22 on the 21st of octobre.
prepare for gloomy postpunksounds by static means and dividing lines and look forward to a hell of a doitschpunkcoverband named schlachtrufe brd!

afterwards, süpport us with a cocktail and listen to the fucked up and yet stylish flash günther, while he deejays the night away.


refugees welcome!
see you there!

Next Show 10.06.2016 Reich und Schön Festival

Next Friday…
…and then dance with us till Saturday

but don‘t miss the famous FCKR!!


Festival Season

It’s getting to be some kind of summertime. that for sure that means it’s time for festivals!

But when the sun hits our heavy heads, politics and music still belongs together.
Reason enough to join the notorious
Reich und Schön Festival (10.06.16)
and the
Festival contre le racisme (18.06.16)
in June.

See you

Next Show 09.04.16 Plauen

The „Schuldenberg“ in Plauen celebrates his 22th anniversary. Congratulations!!
We‘ re gonna play on Saturday…

see you there

Next Show 19.03.16 Chemnitz

Tonight in Chemnitz…

…with „Fliehende Stürme“!!!